ITT Motion Technologies QUALITY POLICY division KONI

Division KONI Ostrava, in line with the Group policy, are committed to implementing a Quality Management System in order to guarantee product safety, customer satisfaction, compliance with all the regulatory provisions and other requirements subscribed to by the customer or organization and to pursue reasonable and continuous improvement.

With regards to relevant interested parties, we respect the principles for each activivity leading to the achievement of leadership in the sector of our products and services.

These are the tools that allow us consolidate and grow our share of the markets we are already in and to enter the new markets;

  • to identify the potential requirements and expectations of the customer – to anticipate and define the solutions;
  • to promote continuous improvement through
  • to use innovative production techniques to reduce variability of processes, timescales and costs;
  • to train and involve, increasing staff satisfaction and leadership.

In order to guarantee compliance with these principles the Company intends:

  • To educate and motivate internal and external staff so that any work activity is carried out in a correct and responsible way in line with the principles of this policy;
  • To set and continually review the improvement objectives and goals for overall company performance and define significant systems for measuring the degree to which they are being reached.

Every employee must feel responsible for putting the principles into actions and for achieving the objectives indicated in this document, making them an integral part of his every action.

ITT Holdings Czech Republic s.r.o – KONI Quality policy IRIS (ISO/TS 22163) addition

ITT Holdings Czech Republic s.r.o is dedicated to delivering, defect-free, safe and competitive shock absorbers and buffers on time to meet the requirements of our customers.

ITT Holdings Czech Republic s.r.o is committed to its Quality Management System, Quality Objectives and will continually improve and monitor their efficiency with the focus on risk prevention.